Tenable.sc Patch 202208.1 Release Notes (2022-08-17)

Apply this patch to Tenable.sc installations running Tenable.sc 5.22.0. This patch updates the FusionCharts license.

Steps to Apply

Apply the patch to a standalone Tenable.sc or Tenable Core + Tenable.sc:

  1. Download the patch from https://www.tenable.com/downloads/tenable-sc to Tenable.sc. You can save the files in any location (e.g., /tmp).
  2. Access the command line as a user with root-level permissions.

  3. Run the following command to untar the patch file, where [patch file name] is the name of the .tgz patch file you downloaded:

    tar zxf [patch file name]

  4. Run the following command to change the directory to the extracted directory, where [directory] is the extracted directory:

    cd [directory]

  5. Run the following command to begin the installation:

    sh ./install.sh

    The installation begins and Tenable.sc stops. After the installation finishes, Tenable.sc automatically restarts.

What to do next:

  • (Optional) Confirm the patch successfully applied to Tenable.sc, as described in the knowledge base article.


  • html/index.html

  • html/main.0679cd77a85dc8f6a9ac.js

  • html/runtime.3abecc10f9f301eed014.js

  • html/vendors.f6e1259827b19f4b8216.js

  • install.sh

Filenames and Checksums

Filenames and MD5 or SHA-256 checksums are located on the Tenable.sc Downloads page.