Tenable.sc 5.17.0 Release Notes (2020-12-21)

Tip: Tenable rebranded SecurityCenter as Tenable.sc. For more information, see the announcement.

You can download the update files from the Tenable.sc Downloads page.

Upgrade Notes

If you are running Tenable.sc 5.9.0 or later, you can upgrade directly to Tenable.sc 5.17.0. If you are running a version earlier than Tenable.sc 5.9.0, upgrade to Tenable.sc 5.9.0 before upgrading to Tenable.sc 5.17.0.

If you are using Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 LTSB (build 14393.4104), you may need to add your Tenable.sc installation to the “Trusted Sites” zone in order for the application to load.

Tenable recommends performing a backup before upgrading Tenable.sc. For more information, see the knowledge base article.

Note: If your upgrade path skips versions of Tenable.sc (e.g., upgrading from to 5.17.0), Tenable recommends reviewing the release notes for all skipped versions. You may need to update your configurations because of features and functionality added in skipped versions.

Tenable.sc Director

In this new section of the release notes, we will be detailing all new functionality for Tenable.sc Director. Tenable.sc Director is available as an add-on to Tenable.sc and Tenable.sc Continuous View customers. It provides a single pane of glass to view and manage customers' entire vulnerability landscape, across multiple consoles. Providing centralized management and data insight, Tenable.sc Director puts more data at customer’s fingertips to ensure complete visibility across their network. For more information regarding this product please visit the Tenable.sc product page.

New Features

CVSS v2/v3 Support

Provided ability for customers to manage severity based on CVSS rating version 2 or version 3 at an organizational level. Recast Rules work as before, taking precedence over CVSS score. When a user changes the CVSS version, the results will be immediate. Trend dashboards will display historical data based on the CVSS version configured at the time the data was calculated. For example, if there is 30 days worth of trend data and the administrator changes from CVSS v2 to v3, the 30 days of trend data will remain as-is. Only new data would be calculated using CVSS v3.

User Feedback

Users on consoles with Usage Statistics Enabled will see a new question mark icon on the top of each page. Clicking this will bring up a feedback form that users can use to provide feedback about the product. Please note that this form is not for bug or feature request creation. All feedback will be sent directly to Tenable to be reviewed.

Sybase DB

Added support for Sybase database credentials.

For more information, see Database Credentials in the Tenable.sc User Guide.

Centrify PAM

Added the ability to use Centrify to lookup passwords for Windows and Linux machines.

For more information, see SSH Credentials and Windows Credentials in the Tenable.sc User Guide.

Thycotic Secret Server Privilege Escalation

Added support for Thycotic Secret Server privilege escalation for SSH credentials.

For more information, see SSH Credentials and Privilege Escalation in the Tenable.sc User Guide.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix Defect ID
Fixed three minor bugs with Database Debugging: Database locks debugging is now working for import, prepareassets and the showvulns binaries. Timestamps for those binaries now also align to the PHP time zone setting. Syslogging those binaries is now implemented and is accomplished through the same settings. (No changes to the UI.)  
Fixes a query error on Analysis page when the Vulnerability Details tool is used.  
Fixed an issue that generated an error when locking/unlocking a linked user account  
Fixed an issue where Severity Summary for Vulnerability Analysis was sometimes reporting incorrect results or crashing.  
Fix an issue on scan import where host information is incorrectly duplicated for a single host resulting in erroneous analysis (Realtime, Dashboard, ARC and Reporting, etc.) as well as data exported to Lumin (via the Lumin connector) to be incorrect.  
Fixed an issue where sometimes parsing an uploaded Nessus file, especially from Tenable.io, fails to import and is stored as a malformed file on Tenable.sc. 1119932
Fixed cross reference information for Red Hat Security Advisory plugins to report the Bulletin ID and link to the article. 1102988
Fixed missing NetBIOS name from a diagnostic scan of an asset. 1072126
Fixed an issue with setting a trend line to end at some point in the future, or having an installation with a time zone that is ahead of UTC time, which causes a gap in presentation of data at the front of the trend line. 1036057
Fixed an issue where in some cases .nessus files were unable to be imported into Tenable.sc 00975711
Fixed an issue where exporting individual scan results as a PDF were causing an error 00631075
Removed invalid MSFT reference links 00589977
Fixed an issue where the Vulnerability Analysis page would display incorrect system information 00740415
Fixed an issue with the Agent scan preview filter button 00884965
Fixed an issue around SAML login failures after upgrading from 5.14.1  
Fixed a timezone bug displaying Istanbul as GMT+2 and Turkey permanently on GMT+3 00987630
Fixed an issue on the Class B Summary view 00803913
Fixed an issue with the /user endpoint returning erroneous data 00809520
Fixed an error resulting from searching for a specific section and then selecting the vulnerability analysis section 01030913
Fixed an issue with scan policies not saving more than two vCenter passwords 01009565
Fixed an issue with the /analysis vuln type requests not working correctly 00763099
Fixed an issue with mismatched tags on some manual .nessus imports 01119932
Fixed an issue using the type filter for events 01023774
Fixed an issue with incorrect system information displaying on individual scan results 01059432

API Changelog

For more information about the API changes for this release, see the Tenable.sc API Changelog.

Filenames and Checksums

Filenames and MD5 or SHA-256 checksums are located on the Tenable.sc Downloads page.

Tenable Integrated Product Compatibility

The following table lists the Tenable product versions tested with Tenable.sc 5.17.0.

Product Tested Version

8.5.1 and later

Tenable.ot 3.4.9 and later
Log Correlation Engine 5.1.1 and later
Nessus Network Monitor 5.9.0 and later