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Tenable Appliance 3.8.0 Release Notes - 9/21/2015

The following list describes significant changes that are included in the Tenable Appliance version 3.8.0. (Update files released 9/8/2015)

New Features Added

  • Includes: Nessus 6.4.3, SecurityCenter 5.0.2, and PVS 4.4.0
  • Displays CPU utilization, Load Average, and Memory utilization on the system information page
  • Added support for X-Frame-Headers and Content-Security-Policy HTTP headers

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
TenableAppliance-VMware-3.8.0-5.ova 5c96bf3211be7747b9b6c1631d31abeb 63ef2337c99b2ea40ca6a5425f00fe68
TenableAppliance-3.8.0-5-update.tar 37a43be27bb15f4ec61f3fba1c12f228

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