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Tenable Appliance 4.2.0 Release Notes - 6/30/2016

The following list describes significant changes that are included in the Tenable Appliance version 4.2.0.

New Features Added

  • New User Interface: The Tenable Appliance has a newly overhauled user interface that aligns with the Tenable brand. This will give users the same look and feel of other Tenable products and make it easier to manage and configure.
  • Appliance Light version: This version of the Tenable Appliance has been engineered for virtual machine use. This slimmed down version reduces the size of the .ovf, which allows faster install for customers just needing Nessus or PVS. This reduces the HHD required from 120 to 30 GB.
  • Expanded Network troubleshooting: The Tenable Appliance now has Traceroute and ping support in the user interface. This will allow customers and Tenable support to quickly diagnose networking issues and allow for quicker resolution.
  • SecurityCenter upgraded to 5.3.2
  • Nessus upgraded to 6.7.0
  • PVS upgraded to 5.1.0

Supported Upgrade Paths

Tenable Appliance 4.2 supports the following direct upgrade paths:

  • 4.0 > 4.2
  • 4.1 > 4.2

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
TenableAppliance-VMware-4.2.0-standard.ova 650c73c974d92b2f51ec4d0f916e6c84 22f02d9c4d5b4a1d5036a12ec62ad746
TenableAppliance-4.2.0-6-update.tar f9286a36ebb7557f905f4f62d1635077

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