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Log Correlation Engine Windows Client 3.6.1 Release Notes

The Log Correlation Engine Windows Client 3.6.1 is now available.

Enhancements and highlighted feature areas for this release:

  • Added support for LCE server address to be specified with a hostname instead of an IP address
  • Added the ability to specify a directory for recursive file integrity monitoring
  • Added reporting of new files added to monitored directories
  • Support for MSIEXEC Command Line Install "%ServerName" Parameter
  • Improved Remote Host Polling [Multi-Threading]

File Names & MD5 Checksums

LCE Windows Client

File MD5
lce_client-3.6.1-windows_2003_x86.msi a8bd57558aabdd2ac5afb79a89da4065
lce_client-3.6.1-windows_2008_x64.msi ddc3dc8f7f3aca13586aaf4ef481fa8a
lce_client-3.6.1-windows_2008_x86.msi aa55a0fdae4f03f43bbb667358e3bc5e

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