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Log Correlation Engine Unix Client 4.2.0 Release Notes

The following Log Correlation Engine Unix 4.2.0 clients are now available:

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
lce_client-4.2.0-AIX.bff df6eea645aea78092e5ecc2bf67016ca
lce_client_4.2.0_debian6.i386.deb de3d0007be3db4dd6f2cced6aa9797bd
lce_client_4.2.0_debian6.x86_64.deb 31bcbd034024fa7f3f61a04c9990f342
lce_client_4.2.0_debian7.i386.deb 953cd509b22a3cb280544338befd1705
lce_client_4.2.0_debian7.x86_64.deb c914ad1129e49f4642cbacc4c79d0c53
lce_client-4.2.0-el5.i386.rpm 757d51c5b6d31a6af5738c87d631e2e1
lce_client-4.2.0-el5.x86_64.rpm 8a5732b5bddc08857df664bbd426117f
lce_client-4.2.0-el6.i386.rpm 93b88dca99a253dd25f540fefd736342
lce_client-4.2.0-el6.x86_64.rpm cab879f33b885adba1116c926b5f8538
lce_client-4.2.0-fedora18.i386.rpm 16e2ca61f871b01f12934b02b43e1eae
lce_client-4.2.0-fedora18.x86_64.rpm 83994464574ebbdba57b722ee7a16d07
lce_client-4.2.0-fedora19.i386.rpm fe10cbab66a0cb3411be88a9f96e7ad6
lce_client-4.2.0-fedora19.x86_64.rpm 5359a4e6ee77c17c194f901297eef793
lce_client-4.2.0-freebsd8_amd64.tbz 7aadb5374c6a8f5f1bdfa1c7f43b5267
lce_client-4.2.0-freebsd8_i386.tbz 56520d87b9e9314077ba42a9f61d7bd7
lce_client-4.2.0-freebsd9_amd64.tbz faa6df0bba6a4bd1be39cd1ab006505b
lce_client-4.2.0-freebsd9_i386.tbz 40b0e230a217fadcd06523c5ab01a1a2
lce_client-4.2.0-Itanium.depot 21d228c2a09aa7f96bb5499234ef0ff0
lce_client-4.2.0-RISC.depot 478239056681d5f7213629b3e717d245
lce_client-4.2.0-osx.pkg.tar.gz 96c830dbef89dd7d7c921af92cc59be2
lce_client-4.2.0-SPARC.pkg.tar.gz 12c3994a427537f8c596463b049f2d39
lce_client-4.2.0-suse11.i586.rpm 445fd678f863208b186ce9a5b2986261
lce_client-4.2.0-suse11.x86_64.rpm d1fd37fcc969ae9deac5a131e9c07b5c
lce_client_4.2.0-ubuntu13_i386.deb e7cd4d2e1e2161e606a3c167ad79c2f7
lce_client_4.2.0-ubuntu13_x86_64.deb c88618079467792b6ca825c3b357c711
lce_client_4.2.0-ubuntu12_i386.deb 80c85e0c24b906b59644486b517a4600
lce_client_4.2.0-ubuntu12_x86_64.deb 131ab06e2e86eed06a4da1b792f5c617

This release contains the following changes:

New features:

  • Malware Scanning: The LCE client will scan running processes regularly for malware, similar to Nessus. For details on how to enable and configure this capability, please refer to the LCE Clients Guide (Malware scanning is not supported on the AIX and HP-UX clients).
  • If the LCE Client is configured to monitor process accounting logs but process accounting is not enabled, the LCE Client will attempt to enable it on the host during startup.
  • Implemented an unattended installation mechanism - after an installation, the can be used to automatically configure the LCE server IP/hostname/port and start the LCE Client.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause clients to fail to send events or reconnect to the LCE server after a certain number of LCE server restarts.
  • Fixed the content displayed in the network statistics log.
  • Fixed an issue where new directories created under "recursive-directory-changes" tags were not rescanned.
  • Fixed a memory leak that could occur if a certain misconfiguration was encountered in the LCE Client policy.

* Policy assignments and modifications for the SuSE LCE Client must be performed directly with the lce_client_manager on the LCE Server host rather than SecurityCenter.

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