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Log Correlation Engine 4.2.2 HOTFIX lce_report_proxyd binary Release Notes - 6/9/2014

This hotfix release patches the LCE Report Proxy executable in LCE 4.2.x, which used a version of OpenSSL that may have been vulnerable to CVE-2014-0224. Users are encouraged to update immediately. To patch the LCE Server, download the hotfix binary to the LCE Server host and run the following commands replacing <os> and <arch> appropriately:

# /sbin/service lce_report_proxy stop
# cp --preserve /opt/lce/daemons/lce_report_proxyd /opt/lce/daemons/lce_report_proxyd_422
# cp ~/lce_report_proxyd_<os>_<arch> /opt/lce/daemons/lce_report_proxyd
# chown root:root /opt/lce/daemons/lce_report_proxyd
# chmod 6750 /opt/lce/daemons/lce_report_proxyd
# /sbin/service lce_report_proxy start

Users upgrading directly from LCE 4.2.0 should be aware that the LCE Report Proxy now binds to the "server-address" specified in lce.conf rather than all addresses.

End users can verify successful application of this patch with the console command "/opt/lce/daemons/lce_report_proxyd -v"

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
lce_report_proxyd_el5_i386 00d7710fd58e4cc0299a5c21b2307e5c
lce_report_proxyd_el5_x86_64 6ce1006d6a5774e5a74a8953b184708a
lce_report_proxyd_el6_i386 3ad6cd53dbfd86e4003a32bd23889349
lce_report_proxyd_el6_x86_64 4a759371025b7520bfb90b496bfe1e53

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