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Log Correlation Engine Windows Client 4.4.0 Release Notes - 12/16/2014

The Log Correlation Engine Windows Client 4.4.0 is now available. This release contains the following changes:

New features:

  • Added a malware check of monitored files on disk, in addition to currently monitored processes
  • Added the ability to see the assigned policy filename in the configuration utility
  • Added the ability to log new events from the Windows event log that were recorded when the LCE Client was not running
  • Greatly enhanced the performance of monitoring a large number of files and directories for changes

Improvements and Issues Addressed:

  • Significantly improved event compression in transit to reduce bandwidth used by the client
  • Added an option to leave logs and data files on disk during uninstall
  • Fixed an issue where MDAC was incorrectly required for installations
  • Fixed a resource utilization issue if the client started and could not resolve the hostname of the LCE server
  • Fixed an issue where repairing an installation could reset the assigned policy incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where all Windows event log sources may not be captured on some Windows 2003 hosts
  • Deprecated "monitor-config"
  • Removed Microsoft merge modules from the installation - users will need to download required Microsoft redistributables prior to installation


  • If a Windows LCE Client policy contains <event-log>Security</event-log> and at least one <monitor-file> tag, it is recommended that the Local Security Policy / Audit Policy does not audit Successful object access events. This will cause the LCE client to report every successful access of files checked by the <monitor-file> tags.

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
lce_client-4.4.0-windows_2003_x86.msi 6abce1745725b3f9684ae27156fb97b0
lce_client-4.4.0-windows_2008_x64.msi 76eac78252f7fcef3b26118037771354
lce_client-4.4.0-windows_2008_x86.msi 988d452abbc04d6cab1eccdac1238f7e

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