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Log Correlation Engine Web Query Client 4.6 Release Notes - 12/10/2015

The Log Correlation Engine Web Query Client 4.6.0 is now available. This release contains the following features:

Compatibility Notes

  • Compatible with LCE 4.6.1+ and SecurityCenter 5.1+


  • Monitor Amazon Web Services (AWS) API events via Cloudtrail, and import the events directly into LCE
  • Monitor Salesforce user successful logins, failed logins, and user changes, and import the events directly into LCE
  • Prevent exceeding cloud-based service limits with configurable thresholds on bytes or calls used for monitoring
  • Reads and writes the Tenable Asset GUID (TAG) in conjunction with credentialed Nessus scans for DHCP support

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
lce_webquery-4.6.0-el6.x86_64.rpm 3d5bba5502144d3f5c3efb2f59c3c99c

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