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Log Correlation Engine 4.8.2 Release Notes - 12/21/2016

The following notes describe the changes that are included in Log Correlation Engine (LCE) version 4.8.2, significant enhancements to LCE, and information about upgrading. A PDF file of these release notes is also available here.

General Upgrade Notes

  • As with any application, it is always advisable to perform a backup of your LCE installation and archived logs before upgrading.
  • Detailed instructions and notes on upgrading are located in the Log Correlation Engine 4.8 User Guide.
  • Supported upgrade paths:
    • 4.6.x > 4.8.2
    • 4.8.x > 4.8.2

Compatibility Notes

  • LCE version 4.8.2 is compatible with SecurityCenter version or later. Older versions of SecurityCenter will work with LCE 4.8.2 without issues, but will not support some new features.
  • LCE Server 5.x is compatible with all Clients.

  • LCE Server 4.8.x is compatible only with LCE Client 4.x.
  • Please contact Tenable Support at if you have any questions about compatibility issues.

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
lce-4.8.2-el5.x86_64.rpm f7cdbc9767dd08844a47d7e4f0313393
lce-4.8.2-el6.x86_64.rpm 44bff90a989884c717f89ae24e53966b
lce-4.8.2-el7.x86_64.rpm 96e5e9cb821303c141702a80999efa37

New Features and Improvements:

  • Added configuration backup and restoration scripts to /opt/lce/tools/
  • Added hardware information to the debugging file
  • Added bounds to the memory and host information consumed by the stats service
  • Added SQLite3 pragmas for safer synchronous access to configuration, status, client, alert, and plugin databases
  • Clarified workflow in the quick setup UI to guide users to enter a code and "Apply" it, or explicitly "Skip" that step

Security Enhancements:

  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2j
  • Updated libcURL to 7.51.0
  • Updated SQLite3 to 3.15.2

Resolved Items:

  • Fixed an issue that caused installs to fail and report proxy services to fail to start after the RHEL 7 host was patched with glibc-2.17-157.el7
  • Fixed an issue where vulnerability severity values for some plugins were invalid
  • Fixed an issue where processing plugin updates could crash the web server
  • Fixed an issue where the TASL service did not reinitialize if include or exclude networks were reconfigured
  • Fixed an issue where processing certain logs with a certain user database could restart the log engine
  • Fixed an issue where normalized database indexing could stop due to a race condition
  • Fixed an unbounded memory consumption issue in the query service when using the text search filters
  • Fixed an issue where Assets with zero IP addresses had incorrect event counts in the Asset Summary screen of SecurityCenter
  • Removed excessive log spam when parsing the user tracking database
  • Removed from the UI syslog sensors that have not received data within the past two weeks
  • Fixed a UI issue where the "Override Sensor Name" feature could not be toggled and saved

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