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Nessus 6.1.0 Release Notes - 11/18/2014

New Features

  • Cisco ISE Integration
  • Updated Settings View
  • Enhanced Launch control in Scan Details
  • Update scan export


  • Updated plugin output behaviour

Bug Fixes

  • Nessus Enterprise not allowing LDAP login of added users
  • Remote scanner fails to upload reports bigger than 2.1G
  • DELETE /scan/{scan_id}/history/{history_id} is missing from API Browser
  • Risk Factor is not included in the drop-down list for email notifications
  • Nessus 6 email notifications contain broken links
  • Nessus 5.0 API /plugins/description call is missing in 6.0 API
  • Add File for Upload Targets is absent in IE9
  • Invalid xml export from Nessus 6
  • Scheduled scans run from trash

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
Nessus-6.1.0.dmg.gz 420966f32dd4637d1ab52154df1ebd06
Nessus-6.1.0-debian6_amd64.deb 5e0c1f95d0ba9c64fdae7233a060769a
Nessus-6.1.0-es5.x86_64.rpm b994f9e2bd279dcb6291f21e3bab98d0
Nessus-6.1.0-es6.x86_64.rpm c2c543317f147252e6b99f119c7bf944
Nessus-6.1.0-es7.x86_64.rpm 2192f7978bc7c94925c189228adf7ea9
Nessus-6.1.0-fbsd10-amd64.txz 73ce698860373009c98e35354a59b1e3
Nessus-6.1.0-fc20.x86_64.rpm 7f583481855d90c31d153e9fee0264d8
Nessus-6.1.0-suse10.x86_64.rpm 4f2fea36fc45dba25aff91b0c998839e
Nessus-6.1.0-suse11.x86_64.rpm 5961a85bc61bee27dbef6dc942a1b442
Nessus-6.1.0-ubuntu1110_amd64.deb af3d407b62c713f547e14c8a1a9b37d1
Nessus-6.1.0-ubuntu910_amd64.deb 2bfa439a6e7f37660718a933b392e6e0
Nessus-6.1.0-x64.msi 7c6162caedf613db3b9dab21c89bbb00

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