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Nessus 6.3.5 Release Notes - 4/22/2015

Bug Fixes

  • SC policies are not always removed from policies.db
  • Update Cisco ISE connector text to reflect compatibility with ISE 1.2
  • Proxy requests are duplicating the port when fetching updates
  • Unix Compliance audit files listed under Windows on 32 bit platforms
  • Seeing "function call from non-address variable" in the nessusd.dump in US-1A
  • Agent scans might not execute due to an incorrect IP address
  • Scanner job list will append running jobs over and over on update
  • When scanner (old or new) registers, the scanner cannot be deleted until Nessus is restarted
  • Unlinking an agent does not remove the agent from the manager if the web service was not reloaded
  • If a user clicks "re-key", the newly generated key cannot be used to link a scanner or an agent until the Nessus instance is restarted
  • Sleep time too short on agent - seeing warnings in log
  • Issue continuing agent scan after reloading with multiple scans in queue
  • Disabling one plugin, disables all plugins in family, family status says "mixed" on 32 bit OS only

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
Nessus-6.3.5-debian6_amd64.deb 256b445d0b3a7bbd5b11978e3025b772
Nessus-6.3.5-debian6_i386.deb 5bd389ce6540f81ee636e91912c53ee4
Nessus-6.3.5.dmg.gz f6a4efacc5cf9ebd32ff41d6e016b3fa
Nessus-6.3.5-es5.i386.rpm 94d638c315c6869d3b5828f32e210764
Nessus-6.3.5-es5.x86_64.rpm 98d93e9a8e917ca20030dfc014d36f6f
Nessus-6.3.5-es6.i386.rpm 79fef137257d6336be2eab645d166586
Nessus-6.3.5-es6.x86_64.rpm 3025f75bfc6e6e3dfe8f0dd8f92b3242
Nessus-6.3.5-es7.x86_64.rpm 9a9c3f9e7725db61ec4af75df52c374c
Nessus-6.3.5-fbsd10-amd64.txz a5efb86db7ffe6f2d1ba7b24cae5cbc9
Nessus-6.3.5-fc20.x86_64.rpm a33fe5ddcfdeafc5a549bcfb5c75f7f6
Nessus-6.3.5-suse10.x86_64.rpm 5ba66d6307e2380755e5271eb52c0c74
Nessus-6.3.5-suse11.i586.rpm 27e29731b5be124ffeeef5989ab5bc70
Nessus-6.3.5-suse11.x86_64.rpm e4813e74e8a8adbbf94e82bcba87fcbd
Nessus-6.3.5-ubuntu1110_amd64.deb 7620eeb152abfc132cd28780c240cc90
Nessus-6.3.5-ubuntu1110_i386.deb f696763b4491bdfde2d4aee5223f08b9
Nessus-6.3.5-ubuntu910_amd64.deb 0f4b1cb4a50f052481734ae790d82ae7
Nessus-6.3.5-ubuntu910_i386.deb 84d511eac3a3fb62d1b5264ca289865f
Nessus-6.3.5-Win32.msi a67dfe461d28c284ae6cc9c53717ff54
Nessus-6.3.5-x64.msi f17b31548d97dc04eabed2a6b1896895
NessusAgent-6.3.5-Win32.msi 3349b54464d7b9ead5434fcef3a5fae3
NessusAgent-6.3.5-x64.msi 90fbb392b773936e53bb4fd71e1a8c7d

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