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Nessus 6.4.0 Release Notes - 6/30/2015

New Features, Improvements, Platform Support

  • AirWatch MDM Audits
  • MobileIron MDM audit
  • Cloud Services Audit - RackSpace Configuration Assessment
  • Auditing open ports on Linux/Unix
  • Add ability to copy scans
  • Support CyberArk as an External Credential Store in Nessus
  • Import Nmap results into Nessus to seed scan knowledge base
  • Agents for OS X
  • Agents for RHEL
  • Agents for Fedora
  • Allow users to copy Nessus Scans
  • Allow access to Nessus APIs via API tokens
  • Allow filtering scan results by CWE
  • Registration page should include how to get activation code
  • Credentialed Patch Audit Template should add assessment page to handle false positives
  • Update plugin output host links
  • Allow users to toggle line and bar displays for historical charts
  • Include Nessus build number in version information in UI, properties api
  • Document switches that can be provided to agent installer command line
  • Add support for TLS 1.2 to Nessus
  • Improve efficiency of scan report upload to manager

Bug Fixes

  • Improved compatibility with SecurityCenter for exported policies
  • Improved Scan Dashboard queries
  • Improved Nessus Agent scalability and results display
  • Improved Nessusd stability
  • Improved SSH credential handling
  • Improved differential scan selection
  • Imported scans do not display the correct start and end times
  • Update 'Credentialed Patch Audit' to use only the credentials provided in the policy
  • Scan fragile devices is enabled by default in templates that aren't using a the 'custom' discovery view.
  • Disabling a scan job from the 'Scan' view by selecting the job, clicking more->disable, does not disable the job.
  • Charts are blurry on high-density displays
  • Plugin archives uploaded through the UI fail to install
  • For an expired activation with auto_updates disabled a new activation key will not show in UI as updated.
  • Remote Scanners now honor proxy settings
  • Compliance plugins no longer shown as vulnerabilities

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
Nessus-6.4.0-debian6_amd64.deb f3c8590d386ac4b7bb34d5f559a71fe0
Nessus-6.4.0-debian6_i386.deb dcb6eed64bdf48409a86c218fb994e79
Nessus-6.4.0.dmg.gz ebd5adf810f4b72b253a38d617b7952b
Nessus-6.4.0-es5.i386.rpm cbb28925bea3fd43dd92437bd625af15
Nessus-6.4.0-es5.x86_64.rpm bbba8e51a312d52d5ab25ab802c21abd
Nessus-6.4.0-es6.i386.rpm f6d6072c9bcc6c808212291eb76ee95f
Nessus-6.4.0-es6.x86_64.rpm 1b3e38cb0d7c67e5f244f48fb3fe2faa
Nessus-6.4.0-es7.x86_64.rpm 5766042595c1341c1d0372679b1fdbee
Nessus-6.4.0-fbsd10-amd64.txz 0c5175e79c0274e345f7b22c9d4d6643
Nessus-6.4.0-fc20.x86_64.rpm 05287d5e21ae0e13dd6397a44fe12a0c
Nessus-6.4.0-suse10.x86_64.rpm e35bb56dd2ad10d28ba88525ad11eb23
Nessus-6.4.0-suse11.i586.rpm 9fa6bf8df533372685a3d6539be31cc5
Nessus-6.4.0-suse11.x86_64.rpm b8299e167a6cb7357bbe2de69427bff0
Nessus-6.4.0-ubuntu1110_amd64.deb bf2d4d38d2ed02aab15e6b4bb103fd94
Nessus-6.4.0-ubuntu1110_i386.deb 1ab01d9d102fe34fc854c0ffc6233e01
Nessus-6.4.0-ubuntu910_amd64.deb 7ca665d7bfdaf023a803c072f10f5ed8
Nessus-6.4.0-ubuntu910_i386.deb 0cdd143d093b376a1c42f44f09c1be01
Nessus-6.4.0-Win32.msi 707abda1b201e9a6693413145e3d3ae7
Nessus-6.4.0-x64.msi 53c4ec3d8c74c65532bd6f834ff0adf5
NessusAgent-6.4.0.dmg.gz 8b121b8f4b852d2521a71f6f38261e53
NessusAgent-6.4.0-es5.i386.rpm 3a1151bd5460693e609fb27d3d1e10b1
NessusAgent-6.4.0-es5.x86_64.rpm a9f18fad653d95980f2b35e6c338d373
NessusAgent-6.4.0-es6.i386.rpm 66e48efa032fda9aefc832db3112ceed
NessusAgent-6.4.0-es6.x86_64.rpm 7624b4ae30682e248087f40c8306f131
NessusAgent-6.4.0-es7.x86_64.rpm b04a47d754fdba872ee84c21ed8acae3
NessusAgent-6.4.0-fc20.x86_64.rpm c9abaecc4570077d95367c8a0860eed7
NessusAgent-6.4.0-Win32.msi dfa3c55a8f26ac97d2a582ea8e5bef1b
NessusAgent-6.4.0-x64.msi 5faf19d88be1ea9ac16bb94114565e0e

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