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Nessus 7.2.1 Release Notes - 10/11/2018

Note: After you upgrade to Nessus 7.2.1, downgrading to a prior version of Nessus is not supported. Please back up your system first.
Note: If your upgrade path skips versions of Nessus, Tenable recommends reviewing the release notes for all skipped versions. You may need to update your configurations because of features and functionality added in skipped versions.

What's New:

  • Various documentation and template updates:
    • MobileIron Custom Port Support
    • Fixed credential failure with Lieberman integration
    • Added Huawei local checks to Credentialed Patch Audit
    • Updated PCI scan policy
    • Added PhotonOS to plugin family lists in policy templates

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixes to recent bugs that were found in the new scan engine released in Nessus 7.2

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
Nessus-7.2.1-x64.msi 13261eb221b0305fc0097b2b85419172
Nessus-7.2.1-Win32.msi bc9c3ce00306575d2d36ee77e787e62d
Nessus-7.2.1.dmg 1a993d2161953efc4933ac84a3a46157
Nessus-7.2.1-debian6_amd64.deb b6c68a596f688950e037befde99326f2
Nessus-7.2.1-es5.x86_64.rpm 409a0b0dda87293b89ac67937479857f
Nessus-7.2.1-es6.x86_64.rpm 0f4c87ef1eeb8a894bc24668d0ce1871
Nessus-7.2.1-suse11.x86_64.rpm 45fc44aa8aa7609254266e8951425cab
Nessus-7.2.1-es7.x86_64.rpm 8699288c813ece3dfe9d2a6f951b49b4
Nessus-7.2.1-ubuntu1110_i386.deb 8b1250c4c03f7fb6156eba8945c519bb
Nessus-7.2.1-suse12.x86_64.rpm 70d6b81600c2c1fcdfca010ab7995bf8
nessus-updates-7.2.1.tar.gz f8e5020a644a1261b2dccac532be5357
Nessus-7.2.1-amzn.x86_64.rpm e0d73b6e234c8c058d57214635f906c0
Nessus-7.2.1-debian6_i386.deb 1ced95686afa6e1b91367fda661c75cb
Nessus-7.2.1-es6.i386.rpm 277121f7bff2095bd969b4e1e5f79c7f
Nessus-7.2.1-fc20.x86_64.rpm aaf50b01b6745ac4f29be212c3acb97b
Nessus-7.2.1-suse11.i586.rpm edc342b654b620e41e474ba4627b9a12
Nessus-7.2.1-es5.i386.rpm 73c15939d733fe5bcf9b23a813ecd504
Nessus-7.2.1-ubuntu1110_amd64.deb 1651afd3f8ceca439fb6f1d46e17b0cb
Nessus-7.2.1-fbsd10-amd64.txz b7dd54d1b86a70262d97c3078f86f57f

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