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Nessus 6.0.0 Release Notes - 10/14/2014

Note: The MD5.asc will no longer be available. All the packages are signed with integrity checks.

The latest version, Nessus v6, enables you to reduce your attack surface by enforcing compliance and system hardening policies. Nessus users will more easily be able to create and customize compliance and security policies while also being able to manage scan results, schedules, and policies.

Keeping Nessus v6 up-to-date is now an automated process and provides you with more control over the update process. Easily integrate Nessus into your existing security processes with a new API, which is fully documented and accessible from within the Nessus UI. A listing of the new features can be found below:

Compliance and System Hardening Policies

Hundreds of compliance and system hardening policies ("audit" files) are now available directly from the Nessus UI via the plugin feed. Nessus users can access out-of-the-box policies for network gear, firewalls, storage devices, virtualization and cloud platforms, and a wide variety of major operating system platforms (including UNIX, Linux and Windows), and much more!

Compliance and System Hardening Policy Editor

Nessus v6 simplifies the customization of policies, enabling the user to tune various compliance and system hardening policy settings from within the Nessus UI.

Automatic Updating

The Nessus engine and UI will be updated, enabling automatic or user-initiated updates.

Nessus RESTful API

Provides a standard and supported API for integrations. The XMLRPC API has been replaced with a simpler RESTful API, complete with documentation and examples available from the Nessus UI.

New Policy Editor

Simplify editing Policies. Plugin preferences and policy settings have been reorganized to improve navigation and discoverability.

Unified Scan View

Simplify creating and managing scans. Remove scan and schedule views and replace with a single view. Scans can be controlled from the scan listing. A new "History" tab shows previous results, and changes can be made via a "Configure" button in Scan Detail view.


  • Mac OS X Preferences panel: When nessus is stopped, the status text has the word vulnerabilities misspelled as vulnerabilites
  • Username and Password fields are displayed when Auth Method is set to None.
  • SSH Netstat portscan not reporting port 22 - Plugin 14272
  • Nessus 5.2.6 can't handle SSL tunnels
  • Email Filters after saving and returning, Any Changes back to All
  • Error Message in UI is Spelled Incorrectly
  • Description in schedule scans cannot be removed
  • The NASL VM fails to receive data on SSL socket under certain conditions
  • Stuck in Please wait during login.
  • Nessus Enterprise users last login show NA
  • Saving users in NEC is posting regardless of form errors
  • After importing nessusdb or .nessus scan results, the first .nessus scan export always fails
  • /scan/reset api for SC does not stop the associated scans
  • Information at Settings / Scanners / Local Scanner out of sync
  • HTML export takes forever when the scan result contain multiple host/vuln/outputs
  • No PDF option on Nessus MAC
  • Add bulk modification to scan results

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