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Nessus 8.2.2 Release Notes - 1/31/2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where plugin timeouts were not being honored, causing some scans to not complete for several days.
  • Fixed issue where SecurityCenter UI was displaying all scanned hosts as dead, even though scan results were correct.
  • Fixed an XSS issue when viewing scan configuration policies.
Note: For information on fixed vulnerabilities, see

Upgrade Notes

Any previous version of Nessus can upgrade directly to Nessus 8.2.2.

Note: If your upgrade path skips versions of Nessus, Tenable recommends reviewing the release notes for all skipped versions to learn about new features and bug fixes.
  • Upgrading to Nessus 8.2.2 will trigger a rebuild of your plugin database. This may take several minutes to complete.
  • After you upgrade Nessus, downgrading to a prior version of Nessus is not supported. Please back up your system first.

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