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Nessus Service Bulletin

Upgrade your Nessus scanners by 1/31/19

As the number of published vulnerabilities grows, so the does the size of the Nessus plugin database. Currently, Nessus scanners test for over 100,000 different vulnerabilities. When the size of the plugin database grows beyond 2 GB, older versions of the Nessus scanner engine will no longer be able to compile the plugin database and will be unable to run scans and collect the vulnerability data from the assets in your environment.

We recommend that all customers review the version of Nessus scanners (,, Nessus Pro) running in their environments. If you are running an affected version, we recommend you upgrade before 1/31/19 to a supported, unaffected version.

Versions Affected:

  • Nessus 6.x
  • Nessus 7.0 through and including Nessus 7.1.2

Versions Unaffected:

  • Nessus versions 7.1.3 and above
  • Nessus 8.x

Because compiling the plugin database is a Nessus engine task, all products that use the Nessus engine are affected. This includes scanners managed by (formerly SecurityCenter),, Nessus Manager as well as Nessus Professional.

To learn more about the benefits of upgrading your Nessus scanners, review the latest release notes.

Please reach out to your Account Team or with any questions.

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