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Nessus Agent 7.1.1 Release Notes - 8/14/2018

Note: If your upgrade path skips versions of Nessus Agent, Tenable recommends reviewing the release notes for all skipped versions. You may need to update your configurations because of features and functionality added in skipped versions.

What's new

The following new features are included with Nessus Agent 7.1.1. Customers are not required to update Nessus Manager to take advantage of these features:

  • Option to deploy plugins as part of the Agent Installation. Provides options to reference a plugin file during Agent installation to help reduce network strain when deploying Agents at scale.
  • Automatically update the hostname of an agent in when it changes. This feature allows the agent hostname to be updated automatically instead of requiring the agent to be unlinked and relinked.
  • Additional logging on local Agents. Provides better insight for administrators to help troubleshoot activity on the Agent.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where differential plugin updates were inoperable for customers and thereby defaulting to full plugin updates across all Agents.
  • Fixed an issue where Agent update versions were not being reflected correctly in the Windows registry.
  • Fixed an issue where silent mode was prompting user for input if the install directory was present during installation.
  • Fixed an issue where the Agent uninstallation did not delete all files and directories.

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
NessusAgent-7.1.1-amzn.x86_64.rpm 68c86404a6f11f4203963b306603bee4
NessusAgent-7.1.1-debian6_amd64.deb 6d5c0b4c4268590076ba7bfb56a34e32
NessusAgent-7.1.1-debian6_i386.deb 3e86dc05b29892fc6d077ea0c81e7739
NessusAgent-7.1.1-es5.x86_64.rpm d77b961faffb78ffb1c7810fa50608ad
NessusAgent-7.1.1-es5.i386.rpm ec14317e20d4e25220f3239663ca9dda
NessusAgent-7.1.1-es6.x86_64.rpm a7ddaf844013507465eb778b77f2221e
NessusAgent-7.1.1-es6.i386.rpm 5eae9c60ed832fde886ace38c8603844
NessusAgent-7.1.1-es7.x86_64.rpm 47573d68484a92c5d6bc2338922970fd
NessusAgent-7.1.1-fc20.x86_64.rpm 7f40154c014820c590758af2f4453b75
NessusAgent-7.1.1.dmg a01058cd78717be61ca35290443e8daf
NessusAgent-7.1.1-suse11.x86_64.rpm 7dcb5d9c0efafadbcc7b8a2646d83b8c
NessusAgent-7.1.1-suse11.i586.rpm 1e9a086bd79a8674d39561e55e3a704d
NessusAgent-7.1.1-suse12.x86_64.rpm 6fd6e1530517fbff27b6291429612e96
NessusAgent-7.1.1-ubuntu1110_amd64.deb 477b6686f7631755e228be848dc295b2
NessusAgent-7.1.1-ubuntu1110_i386.deb b4030ce03f74ae32617f132105deeb9f
NessusAgent-7.1.1-ubuntu910_amd64.deb f3cbbee84ad5d5c70825980399fbb9a0
NessusAgent-7.1.1-ubuntu910_i386.deb 5a890d264365e563eb91c6d6ad48a777
NessusAgent-7.1.1-x64.msi 6f5237ef95114f22aa36afab89d4cf3b
NessusAgent-7.1.1-Win32.msi f6c177054152c0434e4bc85c513115ea

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