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Nessus Agent 7.1.2 Release Notes - 11/05/2018

What's new

The following new features are included with Nessus Agent 7.1.2. Customers are not required to update Nessus Manager to take advantage of these features. Additional details on features are available in the Nessus Agent 7.1.2 User Guide.

  • Additional insight for administrators into offline agents: Expanded details are now provided when running nessuscli on an agent for troubleshooting. Previously, no data was provided in cases where an agent wasn’t able to connect to It’s now possible to see additional details such as agent state (running, not running), linked status, active scans and jobs pending, and last successful connection by running nessuscli agent status on an agent with the --local argument.

  • Automatic restart for Linux Agents after upgrading: This enhancement streamlines the restart for agents which previously required an additional manual step during an upgrade.

  • Better visibility into agents running in EC2: EC2 metadata is now provided in the agent logs during linking or upgrade activity.

  • Better resilience for agent retries: You can set a maximum number of retries for agent when attempting to link to
  • Added support for new operating systems: Nessus Agents are now supported on macOS Mojave 10.14, Amazon Linux 2018.03, and Windows Server 2019.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where core downloads failed to retry after one failure.

  • Fixed an issue impacting connectivity for agents to in proxy environments.

Upgrade Notes

Note: If your upgrade path skips versions of Nessus Agent, Tenable recommends reviewing the release notes for all skipped versions. You may need to update your configurations because of features and functionality added in skipped versions.

Caution: Nessus Agent version 7.1.1 might enter a state where it is unable to upgrade to Nessus Agent 7.1.2.

Upgrade options and instructions for Nessus Agents are available in the Nessus Agent 7.1.2 User Guide.

A 7.1.1 Nessus Agent might enter a state where it's prevented from applying a core update from 7.1.1 to a newer version, but still continue to receive plugin updates and run scans. The issue occurs when a plugin update (full or differential) and a core update are both available. The issue impacts any 7.1.1 agent that is managed by Nessus Manager and configured to automatically receive core and plugin updates. Agents managed by are not expected to experience the issue.

Agents will continue to receive plugins and run scans while in this state. The following options can be utilized to mitigate the issue and provide a way to upgrade impacted agents being managed by Nessus Manager.

  • Nessus Manager Upgrade - Upgrade your Nessus Manager installation to a newer version. Nessus Manager 8.0.1 includes logic that will prevent the issue and allow 7.1.1 agents to upgrade. Alternatively, you can upgrade to Nessus Manager 7.2.2 which is targeted for release on November, 15th 2018.

  • Manually upgrade the Nessus Agent on each asset.

If the two options above aren't feasible, you can recover from the loop with this workaround:

  • Restart the agent or the asset that contains the agent. Upon restart, the agent will check-in, process the core update to 7.1.2, and resume as normal.

Tip: You can examine a Nessus Agent's backend.log file to determine if a Nessus Agent is in a restart loop. An example log that illustrates the issue is available here.

Additionally, the 7.1.2 EA version should be uninstalled prior to deploying the 7.1.2 GA version.

File Names & MD5 Checksums

For a full list of file names and checksums for this release, see the Tenable Downloads Page.

To get the MD5 and SHA256 checksums for a file, click Checksum in the Details column.

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