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Passive Vulnerability Scanner 5.1 Release Notes - 6/14/2016

Note: Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS) is now known as Nessus Network Monitor (NNM).

This document describes the new features and improvements that are introduced in PVS 5.1. A PDF file of these release notes is also available here.

Upgrade Notes

  • Upgrades from 4.2.1, 4.4.1, and 5.0.0 to 5.1.0 are supported. Installations running previous versions of PVS 4.2.1 must upgrade to at least 4.2.1 prior to upgrading to PVS 5.1. Refer to the PVS 5.1 User Guide for details on upgrading to PVS 5.1.
  • PVS 5.1 is compatible with SecurityCenter 4.7.x and later.
  • The HTML5 User Interface is automatically updated to version 1.7.0 via a plugin update.

Supported Platforms

Support is available for the following platforms:

  • Red Hat Linux ES 5 / CentOS 5 64-bit
  • Red Hat Linux ES 6 / CentOS 6 64-bit
  • Red Hat Linux ES 7 / CentOS 7 64-bit
  • Mac OS X 10.8 and 10.9 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, Server 2008, and Server 2012 64-bit

The Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package is a prerequisite that needs to be installed on Windows before installing PVS. Refer to the documentation for more information.

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
pvs-5.1.0-es5.x86_64.rpm a49172d648f0fb3013d117f2c525757c
pvs-5.1.0-es6.x86_64.rpm 1b227a2723766318db78850edb276d4f
pvs-5.1.0-es7.x86_64.rpm 74d4c704dcfa970404b24aa007247eee
pvs-5.1.0-osx.dmg 1497d087b4df0eaa8c35eab5321d18b0
pvs-5.1.0-x64.exe c6344d6d138999e99de13b3d53155a35

What's New

  • Improved Hostname and MAC Address reporting: The existing DHCP-based hostname and MAC address detection has been included in augmenting PVS's host properties reporting.
  • Ability to import known hosts: A list of known hosts can be imported into PVS to avoid PVS reporting them as new hosts.
  • Ability to combine PCAP reports: The PVS client allows the user to upload multiple PCAPs at once so that their results can be combined into a single PCAP report. The maximum size of one or more PCAPs that can be uploaded has been increased to 100 MB.
  • Improved management of lifetime of hosts: PVS now supports a new configuration parameter "Host Lifetime" for the lifetime period of hosts. This would allow for hosts to be retained for a longer period of time than vulnerabilities.
  • Support for limiting PVS communication to TLS 1.2 or higher: VS Web Server communication can be configured to be limited to TLS 1.2 or higher.
  • Improved custom plugin management: The PVS client provides the ability to delete custom plugins.

Additional Improvements

  • PVS client now displays both successful and unsuccessful last logon attempts immediately after login.
  • PVS includes an option to recover a PVS SQLite database if it becomes malformed.
  • The Web Server and HTML Client files are updated only if their versions in the feed are newer than their corresponding versions on PVS.
  • PVS can be directly upgraded from 4.2.1 and 4.4.1 to 5.1.0.
  • PVS client shows the filename of the PCAP processed.
  • CPE information is available in the Vulnerabilities details view of the PVS client.
  • Upgraded DPDK to 2.2.
  • Upgraded SQLite to 3.11.1.
  • Upgraded OpenSSL to 1.0.2h.

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