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SecurityCenter 4.0 Upgrade Notes

The following list describes the known issues with upgrading to SecurityCenter 4.0 from Security Center 3.4.x. A PDF file of these release notes is also available here

For detailed upgrade instructions, please reference the SecurityCenter 4.0 Upgrade Guide.

Scanning/Nessus Related

  1. Some Scan Policy parameters may not be set correctly after upgrading from Security Center 3. These settings did not appear as configurable options in Security Center 3 policies, so when those policies are brought over to SecurityCenter 4, the settings will have to be changed to "unlimited", the default value when adding a new policy in SC4.
    • Change "Max Scan Time (hours)" from "2" to "unlimited"
    • Change "Max TCP Connections" from "1" to "unlimited"
    • Change "Silent Dependencies" from "unchecked" to "enabled"
    • Port Scan settings may need to be re-entered
  2. By default, Organizational users, other than Organization Head users, are not granted access to the Repository or any pre-defined assets for the customer they were migrated from. Users may not be able to view vulnerabilities or scans post-upgrade. Edit the user, select the "Access" tab and ensure that the desired Repositories and Assets are associated.


The upgrade process removes the SMTP Port and Return Address. These settings must be re-entered from the "Admin" GUI after the migration process has completed.

LCE Related

Note: SecurityCenter 4 requires LCE servers to be upgraded to 3.4.1 for interoperability. After upgrading from Security Center 3.4.x to SecurityCenter 4.0, users are unable to view Events from pre-existing LCEs. This is caused by the known_hosts file not being copied over from "/opt/sc3/.ssh/" to "/opt/sc4/.ssh/" during the upgrade. If the file is manually copied, users are then able to view events for those pre-existing LCEs.

IDS Related

IDS Correlation has moved from SecurityCenter to the LCE. Refer to the SecurityCenter 4.0 Architecture document for more information.


The following items are not migrated during the upgrade. Items that can be recreated must be done so post-upgrade:

  • Custom reports
  • Nessus scans
  • Individual scan results
  • Vulnerability trend snapshots
  • Raw log searches
  • Audit files
  • IDS events (new IDS events will be stored on the LCE)

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