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SecurityCenter 4.0.2 Release Notes

The following list describes many of the changes that are included in SecurityCenter version 4.0.2, the significant issues that have been resolved and notes for upgrading. A PDF file of these release notes is also available here.

Upgrade Notes

Upgrading from 4.0.x, there are no special upgrade notes for those users running SecurityCenter 4.0.0 or later. The command syntax for an RPM upgrade is as follows:

# rpm -Uvh [RPM Package File Name]

If upgrading from 3.4.x, reference the Upgrade Guide on the Tenable Support Portal:

Changes and New Features

  • Scanning
    • Users now have visibility of their subordinate's scan schedules. They are also able to pause, resume and stop the scans of users beneath them. Both an "Owner" column and an "Owner" filter have been added.
    • Added the ability to copy Scan Schedules.
    • Added support for specifying the time zone in a scan schedule.
    • The import process has been changed to no longer import the results of a scan if the license will be exceeded as a result. An additional "Import" button has been added to the button bar of the Scan Results page. This button will be enabled for successful scans, and scans that were run successfully but failed on import.
  • Analysis
    • Vulnerability query performance improvements.
    • Added a drill-down to the "Host Detail" screen from event IP summary. This is similar to the screen available when clicking on an IP address in the vulnerability IP Summary screen.
    • Added additional hyperlinks for external references to CVE, BID and OSVDB in the full vulnerability detail output.
  • Support Watchlists
  • Reporting
    • Added two new "hybrid" vulnerability detail report types; the report will summarize all hosts affected by a particular vulnerability. There are two variations of the report: One with a simple list of IPs per vulnerability, the other with detailed host information such as DNS, NetBIOS, and MAC. The new tools are listed as additional analysis tools available when adding a "table element" in reporting:
      • Vulnerability Summary - IP Detail
      • Vulnerability Summary - IP List
    • New HIPAA reports - There are six new Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) report templates that can be loaded when creating a report definition.
    • Added the ability to copy report definitions.
    • Users now have visibility of their subordinate's report definitions. Actions available on reports owned by users beneath them include Details, Pause, Resume and Stop.
  • Exporting Data
    • Support for full .nessus v1 system tags available during export. The following tags were not previously populated correctly:
      • <netbios_name>Unknown</netbios_name>
      • <mac_addr>Unknown</mac_addr>
      • <dns_name>Unknown</dns_name>
      • <os_name>Unknown</os_name>
    • Scan settings are now included in the downloaded .nessus file. Previously, only the results were exported.
  • Ticketing
    • Email notification sent on ticket creation

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