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SecurityCenter 4.0.3 Release Notes

The following list describes many of the changes that are included in SecurityCenter 4.0.3, the significant issues that have been resolved and notes for upgrading. A PDF file of these release notes is also available here.

Upgrade Notes

There are no special upgrade notes for those users running SecurityCenter 4.0.0 or later. The command syntax for an RPM upgrade is as follows:

# rpm -Uvh [RPM Package File Name]

If upgrading from 3.4.x, refer to the SecurityCenter 4.0 Upgrade Guide on the Tenable Support Portal:

Important: A new feature in this release is the availability of a standalone LCE manager to manage LCE servers separately from SecurityCenter (available for download on the LCE download page). This is intended for users who are only interested in log correlation data. If you have an LCE server that you want to continue being managed by SecurityCenter, do not install the LCE manager. The LCE manager interface operates in a similar manner to the SecurityCenter web interface but is only used to monitor and report on events (not vulnerabilities) reported by the LCE server. The LCE manager is also limited to a single organization and repository. The standalone LCE manager is licensed separately from the SecurityCenter and is licensed using the LCE license key. The LCE manager is only available for new installations and not for SecurityCenter upgrades.

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
SecurityCenter-4.0.3-es4.i386.rpm 2b6c862cf3703d4c46b07ad9f60a04eb
SecurityCenter-4.0.3-es5.i386.rpm a41f7debdbb2ec64bea15b4bc5072d6b
SecurityCenter-4.0.3-es5.x86_64.rpm 7ee302076a272b3bd932aa1f4d736b38
SecurityCenter-LCE-4.0.3-es4.i386.rpm 323d888aaf27efcb739efbcf098e0ef9
SecurityCenter-LCE-4.0.3-es5.i386.rpm d8f1716f4b246be1666c9c056a7108e9
SecurityCenter-LCE-4.0.3-es5.x86_64.rpm 49c32ab88bd6249482d1cec3ab18bab2

Changes and New Features

  • User interface
    • LCE-only GUI is available when an LCE license key is used during the initial installation. If a SecurityCenter key is used, a standard SecurityCenter installation is performed.
  • Scanning
    • Added "Unscanned IPs" status to Scan Results record.
    • Fixed an issue where Scan Schedules failed to launch when there were multiple organizations with same Scan ID.
  • Analysis
    • The time frames to drill down on Event Queries are now locked to support LCE caching for improved performance.
    • Alphabetically sorts dropdown lists in user and group selector fields.
    • Improved Asset Summary query efficiency (requires LCE 3.6 or greater).
    • Increased query request timeout in UI from three to six minutes.
  • Accept/Recast Risk
    • Allow Accept/Recast Risk rules to be applied to selection of repositories.
  • Installation
    • After a LCE server addition, setup will establish/prompt for authentication with the LCE server (this may happen several minutes after the LCE server is added, towards setup completion).
  • Licensing
    • Remove plugin #11933 "Do not scan printers" from counting toward the license.
  • Raw Log Search
    • Increase the Raw Log Event Count (added counts of 10,000, 50,000 and 100,000).
  • Reporting
    • Converted epoch timestamps in CSV exports to a human readable format.
  • User Management
    • Correctly counts the number of users per role on the Role management screen.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The URL path has been changed from "/sc4" to "/"; a symbolic link has been added to redirect any requests utilizing the old URL. Any custom applications using the API must be updated to use the correct path.
    • Improved performance when calculating assets, scan status and user notifications.

Hotfix01 for SecurityCenter 4.0.3 (4/28/2011)

This hotfix addresses several issues in SecurityCenter 4.0.3 including:

  • Proxy fix for only sending plugins once to a daemon in multiple zones
  • Better performance for scan imports
  • Reduce schedule window
  • Schedule evaluation occurs less frequently than previously
  • Defining multiple assets bug fixed
  • Flash crash fix
  • Scan Timeout Increase
  • Database locking fixes

File Names & MD5 Checksums:

File MD5
SC-4.0.3-hotfix01-es4.tar.gz 2c5874510b9d98b9799b3f6e1ffd4d23
SC-4.0.3-hotfix01-es5.tar.gz 3238a14b51c916858931652cff1e6141

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