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PHP/Apache Vulnerability Patch Release Notes - 7/16/2014

The SecurityCenter patch for the PHP/Apache vulnerabilities (CVE-2014-3515, CVE-2014-0098) is now available. For CVE-2014-0098 (Apache HTTP Server), patches are provided for SC 4.8.1, SC 4.7.1, and SC The SecurityCenter 4.8.1 patch also fixes CVE-2014-3515 (PHP). Users are encouraged to update immediately.

Customers with SecurityCenter 4.6.x and 4.7.x that wish to apply a patch for the PHP related vulnerabilities can upgrade to SecurityCenter 4.8.1 and apply the patch mentioned above.

Note that this patch will re-apply the patches for OpenSSL as noted in TNS-2014-02 and TNS-2014-03.

For more information, see the Security Advisory.

To patch SecurityCenter, download the appropriate patch to the SecurityCenter host. Files are named "--.tgz". We recommend you put it in /tmp or its own folder.

Untar patchfile: # tar zxf ./--.tgz

Run the install script: # ./

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
sc4.8.1-rh6-64.tgz 4ad4fb7bee4546d4c3a59b3ae3da39a6
sc4.8.1-rh6-32.tgz 7a9b66ac070bb322d9eb9127beedab57
sc4.8.1-rh5-64.tgz 003fd53de9d56568d3c29e08c93bcb90
sc4.8.1-rh5-32.tgz 639d867aee00d05f10d71c35ea5683bc
sc4.7.1-rh6-64.tgz 0c23ec8403b4f865953eb5aca6248f16
sc4.7.1-rh6-32.tgz 31e802c05658d9e363174cdaca5461ac
sc4.7.1-rh5-64.tgz d88d8e5842122da166fcb45ccda01233
sc4.7.1-rh5-32.tgz 3e9f009924e692aeae0e795c74b17a2f
sc4.6.2.2-rh6-64.tgz 4df5e9904c58a881fa01ca5ac6c52dde
sc4.6.2.2-rh6-32.tgz c014d0258a8af365e5cd609741ea8aab
sc4.6.2.2-rh5-64.tgz fd160d7edb47a00a015624048b941583
sc4.6.2.2-rh5-32.tgz ca22c43ca32b9bc6698c3cc2300ef8f7

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