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PHP Patch Release Notes - 2/4/2015

Tenable has released a patch script for all supported versions SecurityCenter that addresses the PHP vulnerability. This patch applies PHP 5.4.36, which is not affected, or modifies PHP 5.3.x as needed to mitigate the issue.

For more information, see the Security Advisory.

To patch SecurityCenter, download the appropriate patch to the SecurityCenter host. Files are named "--.tgz". We recommend you put it in /tmp or its own folder.

Untar patchfile: # tar zxf ./--.tgz

Run the install script: # ./

File Names & MD5 Checksums for PHP Patches for SC 4.8.2

File MD5
SC-201502.2-4.8.2-rh5-32.tgz 0673ac259e90db8d75681af5f04a4c40
SC-201502.2-4.8.2-rh5-64.tgz 8b01972998d0525ec31dfff0ec64c74b
SC-201502.2-4.8.2-rh6-32.tgz cb8c9c6c4af75c71b909db711bffcc79
SC-201502.2-4.8.2-rh6-64.tgz 61d968c7441c4fcfae02bc17bcc9ad42

File Names & MD5 Checksums for PHP Patches for SC 4.7.1 and

File MD5
SC-201502.2-php53-rh5-32.tgz 465c5da6a16e7caf7e7110916624b6c5
SC-201502.2-php53-rh5-64.tgz f9dd149e395263d5592ff19d0c531ac1
SC-201502.2-php53-rh6-32.tgz 4240057a3865c50af610f717c8c85d26
SC-201502.2-php53-rh6-64.tgz e4227104f2ff72514101bb62dfcfad3a

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