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PHP Patch Release Notes - 7/20/2015

Tenable has released a patch script for SecurityCenter 4.8.2 that updates PHP to 5.4.43.

For more information, see the Security Advisory.

To patch SecurityCenter, download the appropriate patch to the SecurityCenter host. Files are named "--.tgz". We recommend you put it in /tmp or its own folder.

Untar patchfile: # tar zxf ./--.tgz

Run the install script: # ./

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
SC-201507.1-4.8.2-rh5-32.tgz 3ec16979decc453f302a1f2cf79cc630
SC-201507.1-4.8.2-rh5-64.tgz 11268f0c1420647429bb6860ba672255
SC-201507.1-4.8.2-rh6-32.tgz 3d669ff82aaa0f0c51936348b15c8818
SC-201507.1-4.8.2-rh6-64.tgz bda1e9eff15135dfb2aaade09d39fbb6

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