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Security Center 3.0.6 Hotfix01 Release Notes

As part of QA testing of version 3.2, Tenable has discovered an issue with recurring scans generation that also affects version 3.0.x. The issue is that when the next occurrence of a scan is scheduled, only the day and month will be incremented, but not the year. If the year should have been advanced, this will result in scans that are scheduled to run far in the past.

Any recurring scans that have already run and have not had the year increment properly must be edited manually. To resolve this issue for recurring scans that are yet to run and have the year incremented, please install Security Center 3.0.6 Hotfix01.

The hotfix is operating system specific, please be sure to obtain the correct package for your Security Center system (Red Hat ES 3.x or ES 4.x).

To install the files:

  • Transfer the hotfix package to your Security Center system.
  • Extract the files to a temporary directory using the command:
    tar xvfz <Hotfix01 Package File Name>
  • A directory will be created under the extraction directory, change to this new directory.
  • Run the file that is in the newly created directory

The installation script will perform the following functions:

  • Stop the SecurityCenter service
  • Backup (copy) /opt/sc3/daemons/lightningd
  • Copy the new lightningd file into place
  • Verify the new file's permissions
  • Restart the SecurityCenter service

There is also a text file included in the package that will provide additional information.

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