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Security Center 3.2 Release Notes

Security Center Version 3.2 introduces several significant features as detailed below, as well as many minor changes and bug fixes.


The reporting module has been significantly upgraded again, new features include:

  • There are now a significant number of basic and advanced pre-configured reports
  • Management of reports in-progress has been added
  • There is now a Summary by Asset List reporting chapter
  • Selection of multiple vulnerability severities is now possible when defining a report
  • The ability to select multiple asset lists when defining a report has been added
  • Intersection or Union may be chosen when multiple asset lists are selected for a report

CSV Output from Queries

It is now possible to export queried Security Center data in comma separated values (.csv) format from the Cumulative Vulnerability Database, Analyze IDS Events, and Analyze Logs screens.

LDAP/Active Directory Integration

Support for integrating with a single LDAP or Windows Active Directory for user authentication has been added. The integration allows for a mixed model, utilizing both Security Center's authentication mechanism (TNS Auth), as well as an LDAP/Active Directory (LDAP). Authentication is configured on a per-user basis, allowing for each user account to be assigned either TNS Auth or LDAP at any one time.


There are several improvements to asset list functionality; most notable is the ability to perform bulk uploads of static asset list ranges.

It is now possible to configure and maintain multiple compliance checks .audit files for a single scan policy.

SC3 now provides a mechanism for locking user accounts manually, or based on logon attempt failures.

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