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SecurityCenter 5.6.0 Release Notes - 11/2/2017

Caution: SecurityCenter 5.6.0 was removed and replaced with SecurityCenter For more information about the critical fixes in SecurityCenter, see the SecurityCenter Release Notes - 11/10/2017.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Pendo data acquisition – Customers can now enable Pendo data acquisition to anonymously help Tenable prioritize feature enhancements and improve user experience in future releases. Enabling Pendo allows Tenable to collect anonymous usage statistics about customers’ SecurityCenter deployments. No customer identifying information will be collected. This usage information will help guide our roadmap and prioritize enhancements for the most frequently used features. The Pendo feature will be disabled by default and can be enabled in the SecurityCenter privacy settings.
  • Multi-Threaded C – Customers will now have performance and speed increases made possible with multi threading. This includes:
    • Up to a 50% reduction in time for dynamic asset preparation for larger data sets
    • Increased speed for Plugin Text searches and for complex searches on Plugin Output
    • Increased speed for Recast/Accept
  • Plugin Filtering – Customers now have the ability to filter plugins by family type, such as Backdoors or Brute Force attacks. This advanced scanning capability saves time and increases productivity by providing a comprehensive view of each plugin associated with a specific family type.

Upgrade Notes:

  • If you are running version 4.8.2 or later, upgrade to version 5.4.0 before upgrading to version
  • If you are running version 5.4.0 or later, upgrade directly to version

Bug Fixes

  • Plugin policy SQL injection + unsupported operands, etc.
  • Missing Search String When Creating User
  • Diagnostic scan password allows statements to be run against SC SQLite databases
  • SC Error when modifying dashboard components with absolute date range
  • New repository generates showvulns error - vulnerability analysis impacted
  • Accept Risk rule removes some plugins from the Repo

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
SecurityCenter-5.6.0-dev-es6.x86_64.rpm be3f89c66884e4c272ebab478d9b97a6
SecurityCenter-5.6.0-dev-es7.x86_64.rpm 8359442ee69f471e5e83058caae4559b

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