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PHP Release Notes - 11/17/2017

This patch will update php to 5.6.32, and open SSL to 1.0.2m for SecurityCenter versions 5.4.0 and greater. Note that SecurityCenter already has the upgrades in place.

For more information, see the Security Advisory.


  • openssl
  • php

Steps to Apply

1. Download appropriate patch to SC box. Files are named SC-201711.1-5.x.tgz and can be placed anywhere, though tmp is a good choice.

2. Untar patchfile tar zxf SC-201711.1-5.x.tgz

3. Change directory to the extracted directory cd SC-201711.1-5.x

4. Run the install: sh ./

Third-Party Product Updates

Third-Party Product Updated to Address
PHP version 5.6.32 CVE-2016-1283
Open SSL 1.0.2m-fips



File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
SC-201711.1-5.x-rh6-64.tgz ae9c026dafb0dee7ea3be1ae1a6d317e
SC-201711.1-5.x-rh7-64.tgz 4cdb06a5fcb8d8819a05e4bfbbd130f4

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