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Security Center 3.2.1 Release Notes

The following changes are included in Security Center 3.2.1:

Cumulative Vulnerability DB

  • Added support for plugin ID #24760, Windows File Contents Check.
  • Asset List filter returns results properly for large asset list names.
  • Corrected PVS OS Detection events in SC3 that were displaying with special/control characters.
  • CSV row output hard limits have been removed.
  • Corrected URL's for drill down failing to work when using the List OS Tool for large OS descriptions.

Analyze IDS Events

  • Cisco IDS base64 decode now works in LSF mode.
  • CSV row output hard limits have been removed.

Analyze Logs

  • Fixed issue with reset of filter settings.
  • CSV row output hard limits have been removed.

LDAP/Active Directory Support

  • LDAP TLS support now works.
  • "Size Limit Exceeded" error when Check Settings clicked has been corrected.
  • Security Center now permits empty Username and Password LDAP fields (anonymous binds).


  • Very large scans now import without issue.
  • Dynamic Asset List updates can now be configured to run during scan import, during nightly processes or manually only.
  • SSL authentication between SC3 and Nessus is now available.
  • A condition which would sometimes cause IP addresses to be scanned multiple times during the same scan has been corrected.
  • A condition which could cause a scan import failure has been corrected.
  • Entries in a particular order would cause IP's in the Do Not Scan List to be scanned anyway. This has been corrected.


  • Reports use proper data sets for the user running the report.


  • Support added for maximum authentication attempts and locking an account if this is exceeded.
  • A number of trivial text and screen formatting issues have been resolved.
  • SC3 will now properly handle asset lists that contain ranges of IP's using A.B.C.D-N format.
  • The reason for accepting risk is now displayed for the appropriate vulnerabilities when viewing vulnerability details.

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