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SecurityCenter Release Notes - 4/5/2018

Upgrade Notes

  • This release integrates the Showvulns Patch completed to fix various issues from SecurityCenter version 5.6.2.
  • If you are running version 4.8.2 or later, upgrade to version 5.4.0 before upgrading to version
  • If you are running version 5.4.0 or later, upgrade directly to
Note: If your upgrade path skips versions of SecurityCenter (e.g., upgrading from 5.4.0 to, Tenable recommends reviewing the release notes for all skipped versions. You may need to update your configurations because of features and functionality added in skipped versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Exploit Available always displayed "False" on the Vulnerability Detail View page.

  • Resolved errors that occur when evaluating queries using the Vulnerability Details tool.

  • Upgraded PHP to version 5.6.34

  • Improved performance for installs with a large number of scan results.

File Names & MD5 Checksums

File MD5
SecurityCenter- 63c748f5049d5d5ac5367ef9f4487197
SecurityCenter- beb997711d10f8c20e6c9864384c1e12

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