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Important Highlights from this Release

  • Customers can now use the AUDIT-LOG API to get a listing of all changes to their subscription, such as running scans or changing a password, made by users. The audit log call is fully documented at
  • now supports Sybase ASE credentials, allowing users to perform credentialed database checks and compliance scans against Sybase ASE systems.

Bug Fixes

  • Case 475451: Get to /scans is returning random permissions
  • Case 473430: Scan Distribution Aborted Scan while processing
  • Case 472718: PCI ASV Workbench reports cutting off ASV Company Number
  • Case 467232: Customer is seeing extra results after submitting to PCI
  • Case 466771: Asset Workbench 400 Bad Request with target group filter
  • Case 460180: Unable to generate report - Request Entity too Large
  • Case 460282: Nessus.db File Exported From of a Scan Owned by Another User Is Blank
  • Case 432396: Target Groups option not available as a filter on Advanced Search
  • Case 430716: Active scan count is '0' from Scanners page when scan is running using Scanner Group

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