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Important Highlights from this Release

Dynamic Asset Tagging

  • Automate the application of tags by using rules to apply tags to assets that meet the specified criteria.

  • Tags are removed from assets that no longer meet a rules criteria.

  • Rules can be added to automate the application of any tag.

  • Add a tag to a rules exclusion list, by removing a dynamically applied tag from the asset.

Authenticated Scanning

  • Ability to query Lieberman RED Suite for credentials

Web Application Scanning

  • Selenium Support to Web Application Scanning:

  • Added new CMS configuration backup files plugins

    • Plugin ID 98204: WordPress Configuration Backup Files Detected

    • Plugin ID 98210: Drupal Configuration Backup Files Detected

    • Plugin ID 98211: Joomla! Configuration Backup Files Detected

  • Added CMS directory listing plugins

    • Plugin ID 98212: WordPress Directory Listing

  • Released new session authentication plugins to notify users if the scanner ever logs out during a scan

Bug Fixes

  • Missing Scan Attachments restored - Salesforce Case #577107 and #346769

  • Resolved instances of some scans running on wrong day - Salesforce Case # 343977



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