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Important Highlights from this Release


  • WAS Chrome Extension: Available here.
    • The new Chrome extension makes creating a scan really easy and intuitive. Try it out today from the Chrome store!

  • WAS SSL Plugins

    • Tenable has added new plugins to assess the SSL configurations of your website to make things more secure. Read more about our 600+ plugins available in WAS here.

  • Container Security Scanner

    • With the new CS Scanner, you can use CS without ever uploading your images to The CS Scanner can now support images that are on-prem and also make scanning faster for everyone.

      Note: You still need cloud access to do this since the app communicates with CS.

  • Container Security Redesign

    • Try out the updated design for Container Security. The app is much faster, smoother and more intuitive.

  • Nessus Agent 7.3
    • Agent CPU Prioritization - This feature will allow customers to set the relative CPU priority of the Nessus Agent and set all child processes (Priority not inherited in Windows on elevated status) via the nessuscli. You can set the priority to standard, lowered priority, and elevated priority, with standard priority being the default. This will affect the speed at which a scan completes as well.

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