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Important Highlights from this Release

Recast Rules

  • Modify the out-of-the-box severity of a vulnerability, or accept the risk altogether, based on the needs of your organization's unique environment

Scan Distribution

  • Distribute scan jobs across multiple scanners in a group to reduce scan times and have results display more quickly in UI
  • View results of running scans (active scans and agent scans)
  • Graphical summary of individual scan results

Agent Manageability and Scalability

  • Ability to create a new Agent Group and add member Agents to an existing Group directly from the Agents page
  • Ability to automatically un-link stale agents after a user-configurable number of days (default is 30 days)
  • Differential plugin updates to greatly reduce bandwidth used

WAS Internal Scanning

Internal Scanning brings Web Application Scanning functionality to internal websites - giving you the ability understand and mitigate the risk in their web apps that are not hosted externally.

  • Expand WAS Scanning capabilities to scan websites that are not externally available on the web
  • Setup an internal scanner using a WAS version of the Appliance
  • Manage and view the status of the internal WAS scanner
  • Link the internal scanner to to use just like a WAS cloud scanner
  • Configure scans on internal websites, pre-production environments, and more.
  • Retrieve the same great WAS vulnerability scanning results on your internal websites.

WAS Scanner 0.10.0, 0.11.0, 0.12.0

  • New Performance option "Timeout Threshold" in WAS scan policies
  • New WASC information added to plugin description
  • New WAS plugin
    • 98137 "Scan aborted after too many timeouts"
    • 98034 "Login Form Authentication Failed"
    • 98019 "Network Timeout Encountered"
  • Improved WAS Plugin 98091 - Mixed Resource Detection detection and output
  • Add Scan Start Time and list of plugins used to WAS plugin 98000 "Scan Information"
  • Add Scan note "Invalid Target" when users tried to scan localhost

Container Security

  • Support detection of Apache Struts vulnerabilities
  • Add analysis of archived files in compressed file formats

External PCI Scan Changes

  • Scan results from scans using the external PCI scan policy used to submit PCI ASV attestations are no longer published to workbenches/dashboards/reports

PVS to NNM name change

  • The UI has been updated to reflect the name change of the Passive Vulnerability Scanner ("PVS") to Nessus Network Monitor ("NNM")

Scan Data Processing

  • Fixed an issue where case sensitive Target Group filters on scan results could omit some results
  • Fixed an issue processing some NNM scans

Bug Fixes

  • 306218 Unable to scan from SC
  • 309959 Scans Aborting Using Cloud Scanners
  • 305925 VM Dashboard VoT Graph does not Reflect Scans
  • 305646 User's Target Groups Do Not Exclude all Assets
  • 295365 Container Scanning stuck in processing
  • 293564 Dramatic increase in scan times for scans launched from cloud scanners
  • 309265 All scans stuck in running state
  • 307724 Non-Nessus Type Reports Return Incorrect Content-Length
  • 305196 Cannot give permissions for a scan to a group in
  • 300204 When logging into and looking at the dashboards Tab, the plugins details never load for all of Basic and Standard users.
  • 295045 Downloading Nessus exports of scan results get cut off at 1GB when downloading results which are larger then 1GB
  • 295300 OS metadata displaying as 'Please As' instead of the actual OS

WAS Scanner 0.10.0, 0.11.0, 0.12.0

  • Scan aborted when generating scan results with null byte character contents
  • Scan crashed when invalid Login Form authentication check pattern is provided
  • Scan shall abort scan after X consecutive timeouts series
  • Remove irrelevant Authorization header passed to HTTP requests
  • Improved cloud scanner capacity monitoring to prevent pending scans due to overloaded Cloud scanners
  • Add failure recovery when scan results cannot be upload to platform due to temporary network connectivity issues

Container Security

  • Addressed reported Docker Registry bugs
  • Registry import bugs related to Artifactory
  • Zlib decompression bug fix


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