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Important Highlights from this Release


  • Ability to export PDF for Dashboard templates
  • Ability to schedule an email with PDF attachment on set frequency
  • Option to schedule email for existing Report templates

Asset Deletion

  • Assets and their vulnerabilities can now be deleted from the asset workbench. Deleting assets is a mechanism to remove the data, however it will not remove the asset from the license

Automatic Scanning of AWS Assets

  • The AWS pre-authorized scanner can now be configured to scan all available assets

Tagging Enhancements

  • The flow for adding a tag to an asset has been improved by auto-advancing the cursor after pressing "Enter"
  • Add/Remove tag events are now displayed in the asset activity log

CyberArk Integration

  • Ability to authenticate to CyberArk using certificates.

BeyondTrust Integration

  • Ability to use BeyondTrust PasswordSafe as a credential source for Windows credentials
  • Ability to use BeyondTrust PasswordSafe as a credential source for Linux (ssh) credentials

Web Application Scanning

  • Ability to see Scan Progress including metadata, statistics and scan results while a scan is running
  • Include a screenshot of the web application home page (plugin 98138)
  • Notify users when HTTP server authentication has been detected on the web application during scans (plugin 98024)
  • Notify users when HTTP server authentication credential led to successful or failed authentication (plugins 98025, 98026)
  • Extend CMS support by fingerprinting Wordpress and Drupal, and detect Wordpress admin panel (plugin 98144)

Bug Fixes

  • Advanced Filtering Not Working for Pre-September Scans - Salesforce Case # 00526216

  • Blank notification email for scan results - Salesforce Case # 518339

  • Resolved Inconsistencies with "Name" Field Values Between Assets and Vulnerabilities Workbench - Salesforce Case # 00562979

  • Scan targeting issues for AWS scans - Salesforce Case # 00572696

  • Scan exports hanging - Salesforce Case # 00535973




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