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Important Highlights from this Release

Scan Deletion

  • Restored the ability to delete scan results


  • Five new pre-configured dashboards available:
    • Executive Summary
    • Exploitable Framework
    • Measuring Vulnerability Management
    • Mitigation Summary
    • Security Management Summary

Web Application Scanning

  • Added new scoping options to WAS scans - providing support for URL inclusion to define additional URLs to crawl during a scan
  • Added new plugins to detect Operating Systems and common CMS technologies (Wordpress, Joomla) used in web apps
  • Improved authentication results to provide more detail and responses and added a new plugin for detected login forms and fields to make authentication easier


  • Installer UX reworked - Install progress now displayed, workflow enforced to make it easier to not miss steps
  • Asset delete feature enabled
  • Asset tagging enabled

Bug Fixes

  • Advanced Search "Match Any" not working - Salesforce Case #571674
  • Scans aborting on AWS scanners - Salesforce Case #574037
  • AWS Targets not saving with consistency - Salesforce Case #574027
  • Incorrect start and end times displayed for some scans - Salesforce Case #565189
  • 404-error when drilling into assets on pre-September scans - Salesforce Case #549618



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