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Administrative Users

SecurityCenter administrators and Security Managers are configured via the “Users” menu. More than one administrator can be created per SecurityCenter, and multiple Security Managers may be created per Organization. It is recommended to make at least one administrator and Security Manger (per Organization) user using TNS authentication. This will enable at least one high-level account to log in should the LDAP service become unavailable.

The Users page displays the user’s name, username, role, title, and last login. When searching for particular users the columns may be sorted on any of the options. Additionally, filters may be applied to search by name, username, or organization.


The administrative user can create and manage other administrator and Security Manager users. All administrators have the same permission level and resources. Security Managers are created with complete control of the Organization to which they are assigned and may not have their assigned Organization changed. Clicking the “Add” button opens the add user page. Fields with a red asterisk are required.

The table below details fields from the add user page:

Add User Page

Option Description

Authentication Information

First Name/Last Name

These fields are to enter the actual first and last name of the user.

Type – TNS


This is the account name the user will use to log in to SecurityCenter. When selecting this account name, it is sometimes easier to focus on the person’s real name as a convention (e.g., John Galt would become “jgalt”). However, it may also be useful to assign names based on role, such as “auditNY”.


Note: The username value is case-sensitive.

Password/Confirm Password

The login password is entered twice to confirm the correct text.

Tip: It is recommended to use passwords that meet stringent length and complexity requirements.

User must change password

Require password change on next login. (TNS Authentication only)

Type – LDAP

Search String

This is the LDAP search string to use to narrow down user searches. Proper format is: “attribute=<filter text>”. Wildcards are permitted and the field accepts up to 1024 characters.


For example:






This box contains a list of users obtained from the configured LDAP server that match the Search String above.


User that is selected from the list of users above.



Administrator – This role is assigned to users who will be managing the SecurityCenter as a whole. These types of users do not have direct access to the data collected by SecurityCenter.


Security Manager – This role is assigned to users who will be in charge of Organizations. These users have complete access to all data available to their assigned Organization.

Basic/Contact Information

Title, Address Information, Email, Phone

Contact information for the user can be entered here.


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