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Dashboard Page

The dashboard is the first screen displayed when you login to the SecurityCenter user interface and displays vulnerability or event data using various predefined components. The dashboard can also be displayed by selecting “Dashboard” from the drop-down menus across the top of the screen.

The Dashboard is configured with one or more dashboards pages that contain different views and layouts populated with multiple components including tables and custom charts (e.g., bar, line, area, and pie). The dashboard tables and charts are fully customizable and allow data to be retrieved from various sources using a wide variety of configurations. Dashboard elements can also be shared between users or exported/imported to another SecurityCenter as required.

The Dashboard contains the Vulnerability Overview by default and contains preconfigured charts and tables. Dashboard templates are available in SecurityCenter to provide an easy starting point for creating dashboards. They are created and maintained by Tenable and are based on industry standards, trends, and customer requests. Templates are added and updated via the SecurityCenter feed.

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