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Users Page

The “Users” screen provides the ability to add, edit, delete, or view the details of SecurityCenter user accounts. Users are assigned roles and groups to determine the level of access they have and are also assigned assets, depending on the level of access required. The list of users and actions is limited to the Organization and the permissions of the user viewing the list.


SecurityCenter users can be created with default or customized roles. Roles are adjustable and allow for user creation based on specific business/security models and needs. User accounts created by other users inherit the creating user’s permissions or a subset of the permissions as desired while not exceeding the access or permissions of the creating user. This granular user control and customization enables large organizations to comply with regulations and standards that mandate separation of duties and layers of control.

There are several pre-defined Organizational roles including:

User Access Control

Within the defined user roles, granular permissions are defined that enable users to perform specific tasks. Custom roles can be created with any combination of desired roles based on enterprise needs.


User Groups are a way to group rights to objects within an Organization for quick assignment to one or more users. When a user creates various objects such as reports, scan policies, dashboards, and other similar items, they are automatically shared among the members if the Group permissions allow the view and control.

When creating a new Group, the basic information includes giving a name and description of the Group being created. In addition, selecting the Repositories, LCEs, and Viewable IPs that are available to the Group are made on the Basic tab.

After the Group’s initial creation, it may be edited, deleted, or have its details viewed from the main Groups page list.

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