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SecurityCenter Functional Overview

This section provides a high-level overview of SecurityCenter user functions. The order in which these functions are listed follows a logical order that tasks would typically be performed in, not necessarily the order in which the menus are displayed in SecurityCenter. For example, in a new SecurityCenter deployment, the first step is usually to define asset lists, followed by reviewing available repositories. This information is then used in configuring users who are assigned assets, repositories, and other resources based on organizational needs. Once the users are configured, the daily SecurityCenter tasks can be performed: scanning, data analysis, reporting, workflow management, and plugin maintenance. These tasks are briefly described in this section for the benefit of users who are new to SecurityCenter.

Details on how to configure and manage these functions are provided in the section titled “SecurityCenter Functions”. If you are already familiar with SecurityCenter functions, you may wish to proceed directly to the “Getting Started” section.

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