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Using a Custom SSL Certificate

SecurityCenter ships with its own default SSL certificate; however, in many cases it is desirable to obtain a custom SSL certificate for enhanced security.

Note: In the example below, two certificate files were received from the CA: “host.crt” and “host.key”. These file names will vary depending on the CA used.

Tip: The custom certificate email address must not be “SecurityCenter@SecurityCenter” or subsequent upgrades will not retain the new certificate.

Use the steps below to upload a custom SSL certificate to your SecurityCenter:

  1. Backup the current certificates that are located in the /opt/sc/support/conf directory. These files are named SecurityCenter.crt and SecurityCenter.key. In the example below, we are placing the files in /tmp.

    # cp /opt/sc/support/conf/SecurityCenter.crt /tmp/SecurityCenter.crt.bak

    # cp /opt/sc/support/conf/SecurityCenter.key /tmp/SecurityCenter.key.bak

  2. Copy the new certificates (e.g., host.crt and host.key) to the /opt/sc/support/conf directory and overwrite the current certificates. If prompted to overwrite, press “y”.

    # cp host.crt /opt/sc/support/conf/SecurityCenter.crt

    # cp host.key /opt/sc/support/conf/SecurityCenter.key

  3. Make sure the files have the correct permissions (640) and ownership (tns) as follows:

    # ls -l /opt/sc/support/conf/SecurityCenter.crt

    -rw-r--r--  1 tns tns  4389 May 15 15:12 SecurityCenter.crt

    # ls -l /opt/sc/support/conf/SecurityCenter.key

    -rw-r--r--  1 tns tns   887 May 15 15:12 SecurityCenter.key

    Caution: If an intermediate certificate is required, it must be copied to the system and given the correct permissions (640) and ownership (tns). Additionally, the line in /opt/sc/support/conf/vhostssl.conf that begins with #SSLCertificateChainFile must have the “#” removed from the beginning of the line to enable the setting. Modify the path and filename to match the certificate that was uploaded.

  4. Restart the SecurityCenter services:

    # service SecurityCenter restart

  5. Browse to SecurityCenter using SSL (e.g., When prompted to confirm the SSL certificate, verify the new certificate details.

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