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Audit Files

Path: Scans > Audit Files

The Nessus vulnerability scanner allows you to perform compliance audits of numerous platforms including (but not limited to) databases, Cisco, Unix, and Windows configurations as well as sensitive data discovery based on regex contained in .audit files. Audit files are XML-based text files that contain the specific configuration, file permission, and access control tests to be performed.

Tenable provides a wide range of audit files, and you can write new ones for specific environments. Common audit files are maintained on the Tenable Support Portal and through the SecurityCenter feed. The Audit Files page lists information about the audit file, including the name, owner, group, type, version, and the last time the audit file was modified. For example:

On the Audit Files page, you can:

  • Click the gear icon next to an audit file to edit, export, share, or delete the file.
  • Click the filter icon in the top right corner of the page to filter the list of files. Filters include name, type, or type of access to the audit file.

To add an audit file, click Add. SecurityCenter displays a list of audit template categories and an option for a custom audit file. For example:

To select templates:

  • Click the template category, then selecting a template from the list.


  • Search by keyword across all available audit file templates using the top right search box.

Once you select a template, the system displays options for a custom name and description and, if applicable, options that allow you to customize the audit file for the local environment.

Click Advanced in the custom section to display the Add Audit File page. Click Edit to display the Edit Audit File page.

Option Description


A descriptive name assigned to the audit file (not necessarily the actual file name).


Descriptive text about the audit file.

Audit File

An interface that allows you to browse your local system or file shares for an audit file to upload. When editing, click the X next to an existing audit file to delete it and, optionally, upload a new audit file.

Once you upload an audit file, you can reference it from within scan policies for enhanced security policy auditing. For more information about SecurityCenter compliance auditing and audit files, refer to the Nessus Compliance Checks document located at

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