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User groups are a way to group rights to objects within an organization, and then quickly assign these rights to one or more users. A user's group membership determines their access to security data. When a user creates various objects such as reports, scan policies, dashboards, and other similar items, these objects are automatically shared among the group members if the group permissions allow view and control.

The following table describes the options to configure a group.

Option Description



The name for the group.


A description of what the group is used for. E.g., security team at the central office, the executives on the east coast, and other desired information.

Viewable IPs

The IP addresses that are viewable by the group. The selection is made by all defined assets or the selection of one or more asset lists.


The repositories that are available to the group


The LCEs that are assigned to the group

Share to Group

Available Objects The list of available objects to be shared with the group on creation or edit in a bulk operation.

For more information, see Add a Group and Delete a Group.

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