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Keys Settings

Path: System > Keys

Keys allow the administrator to use key-based authentication with a remote SecurityCenter (remote repository) or between a SecurityCenter and an LCE server. This also removes the need for the SecurityCenter administrator to know the administrator login or password of the remote system.

Note: The public key from the local SecurityCenter must be added to the Keys section of the SecurityCenter that you wish to retrieve a repository from. If the keys are not added properly, the remote repository add process will prompt for the root username and password of the remote host to perform a key exchange before the repository add/sync occurs.

Use the selections in the Options drop-down box to download the SecurityCenter key in a DSA or RSA format. Choose the key type and click Download:

If DSA was chosen during download, the DSA public key is downloaded. Likewise, choosing “RSA” downloads the RSA public key string.

Clicking on Add brings up the window below:

In the Type drop-down box, select DSA or RSA as the key type.

In the Comment box, type an optional string of text that describes the purpose of the key being added to the system.

In the Public Key box, paste the text of the public key from the remote SecurityCenter and click Submit.

Remote LCE Key Exchange

A manual key exchange between the SecurityCenter and the LCE is normally not required; however, in some cases where remote root login is prohibited or key exchange debugging is required, you will need to manually exchange the keys.

For the remote LCE to recognize the SecurityCenter, you need to copy the SSH public key of the SecurityCenter and append it to the /opt/lce/.ssh/authorized_keys file. The /opt/lce/daemons/ script performs this function. For more information, see Manual LCE Key Exchange.

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