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Mobile Analysis

Path: Analysis > Mobile

The Mobile analysis page displays lists of vulnerabilities discovered by scanning an ActiveSync, Apple Profile Manager, AirWatch, Good, and/or MobileIron MDM servers.

Mobile Filter Options

For more information about filtering, see Filters.

Option Description

Analysis Tool Filter

Analysis Tool

This drop-down box is used to choose the analysis tool used by the filter. This is the same as selecting the desired analysis tool from the Analysis > Mobile dialog.

Active Filters

Displays the existing filters and allows the user to selectively remove filters as needed.



A text based search filter that looks at the Identifier option in the repository.

MDM Type

A drop-down box to select the MDM server type of ActiveSync, Apple Profile Manager, Good, AirWatch, and MobileIron MDM server.


A text based search filter that looks at the Model option in the repository.

Operating System CPE

A text based search filter that looks at the Operating System CPE option in the repository.

Plugin ID

Type the Plugin ID to filter results on.

Plugin Output

Filter results based on a text search of plugin output.


Display vulnerabilities from the chosen repositories.

Serial Number

This is a text based search filter that looks at the Serial Number option in the repository.


Displays vulnerabilities with the selected severity (Info, Low, Medium, High, Critical).


This is a text based search filter that looks at the User option in the repository.


This is a text based search filter that looks at the OS Version option in the repository.

Vulnerability Last Observed (Cumulative only)

This filter allows the user to see when the vulnerability was last observed.

Mobile Analysis Actions

You can use the Options drop-down menu to perform the following mobile analysis actions.

Save Query

You can save the current view as a query for reuse. For more information about queries, see Queries.

Export as CSV

You can export mobile results in the current view to a comma-separated file for detailed analysis outside of SecurityCenter.

Note: If the record count (rows displayed) of any CSV export is greater than 1,000 records, a note is displayed that prompts for the name of the CSV report to be generated. When complete, the report can be downloaded from the Report Results page. For CSV exports of under 1,000 records, the browser’s standard Save As dialog window is displayed.

Select the columns of data you want exported, then click Submit.

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