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Table of Contents

Get Started
Hardware Requirements
System Requirements
Port Requirements
Browser Requirements
Integrated Product Compatibility
Install and Upgrade
Before You Install
Install SecurityCenter
Log in to the Web Interface
Quick Setup
Before You Upgrade
Upgrade SecurityCenter
Uninstall SecurityCenter
Backup and Restore
Perform a Backup
Restore a Backup
Start or Stop SecurityCenter
System Settings
Add a License
Edit Plugin and Feed Schedules
Configure Plugin Text Translation
Job Queue
System Logs
Publishing Sites
Add a Key
Delete a Key
Download a Key
User Access
Create a Role
Edit a Role
Delete a Role
Add an Organization
Delete an Organization
Add a Group
Delete a Group
Add a TNS User
Add an LDAP User
Custom Group Permissions
Delete a User
LDAP Servers
Add an LDAP Server
Delete an LDAP Server
LDAP Servers with Multiple OUs
Manage Your Account
Configure Scans
Scanning Overview
Nessus Scanners
Add a Nessus Scanner
Add a Scanner
View Details for a Nessus Scanner
Delete a Nessus Scanner
Nessus Network Monitor
Add an NNM Scanner
Log Correlation Engines
Add an LCE Server
Log Correlation Engine Clients
Log Correlation Engine Client Policies
Local Repositories
IPv4/IPv6 Repositories
Mobile Repositories
External Repositories
Remote Repositories
Offline Repositories
Add a Repository
Manage Repositories
Active Scans
Add an Active Scan
Manage Active Scans
Start/Pause a Scan
Run a Diagnostic Scan
Active Scan Objects
Add an Asset from a Template
Add a Custom Asset
Add Credentials
Database Credentials
SNMP Credentials
SSH Credentials
Privilege Escalation
Windows Credentials
Audit Files
Add a Template-Based Audit File
Add a Custom Audit File
Manage Audit Files
Scan Zones
Add a Scan Zone
Edit a Scan Zone
Delete a Scan Zone
Scan Policies
Add a Scan Policy
Custom Scan Policy Options
Agent Scans
Add an Agent Scan
Manage Agent Scans
Start/Pause a Scan
Blackout Windows
Add a Blackout Window
Edit a Blackout Window
Delete a Blackout Window
Patch Management
Add a Tag
Remove or Delete a Tag
Analyze Scan Data
Scan Results
Manage Scan Results
Upload Scan Results
Add a Template-Based Dashboard
Add a Custom Dashboard
Import a Dashboard
Add a Template-Based Dashboard Component
Add a Custom Dashboard Component
Custom Dashboard Component Options
Configure a Simple Matrix
Manage Dashboards
Manage Dashboard Components
Add a Query
Apply a Filter
Vulnerability Analysis
Vulnerability Analysis Tools
Cumulative vs. Mitigated
Vulnerability Analysis Filter Components
Add an Accept Risk Rule
Add a Recast Risk Rule
Export Vulnerability Data
Launch a Remediation Scan
Event Analysis
Event Analysis Tools
Event Analysis Filter Components
Mobile Analysis
Workflow Actions
Open a Ticket
Accept Risk Rules
Recast Risk Rules
Assurance Report Cards
Manage Reports
Create a Custom Report
Create a Template Report
Data Required for Template Reports
Edit a Report Definition
Report Options
Edit a Report Outline
Add a Custom Chapter
Add a Template Chapter
Add or Edit a Report Element
Configure a Grouping Element
Configure a Text Element
Configure a Matrix Element in a Report
Configure a Table Element in a Report
Configure a Charts Element
Reorder Report Chapters and Elements
Manage Filters for a Chapter Report
Manage Filters for a Single Element
Manage Filters for Multiple Elements
Manage Filters for a Non-Chapter Report
View a Report Definition
Copy a Report Definition
Export a Report Definition
Import a Report Definition
Delete a Report Definition
Launch a Report on Demand
Add a Report to a Scan
Manage Report Results
Stop a Report Run
Download a Report Result
View a Report Result
Publish a Report Result
Email a Report Result
Copy a Report Result
View Errors for a Failed Report
Delete a Report Result
Report Attributes
Report Images
Additional Resources
License Declarations
Encryption Strength
Manual LCE Key Exchange
Nessus SSL Configuration
Overview of SSL Certificates and Keys
Nessus Configuration for Unix
Nessus Configuration for Windows
Upload a Custom SSL Certificate
SSL Client Certificate Authentication
Configure SC to Trust a Custom CA
Regenerate SSL Certificate
Upload a Custom CA Certificate
Offline SecurityCenter Plugin Updates
PVS (SecurityCenter 4.2 and greater only)
SecurityCenter Feed
SecurityCenter CV Behavior on Expiration of Maintenance Period or License

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