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Diagnostics Settings

Path: System > Diagnostics

This page displays and creates information that assists in troubleshooting issues that may arise while using SecurityCenter.

In the System Status section, the following items show a green check mark to indicate they are working properly. A red X icon appears when the item is in a critical state.



Correct Java Version

The icon is red when a minimal version of Java is not installed as required by certain SecurityCenter features.

Sufficient Disk Space

Once the disk that stores the SecurityCenter data is within 5% of being filled, the icon indicator turns red.

Correct RPM Package Installed

This indicator is green when the correct RPM is installed for the OS architecture on which it is running.

The Diagnostics File section is used primarily when working with the Tenable Support team. In order to troubleshoot issues that may be encountered, the Support team may request that a diagnostics file be generated with one or more of the Diagnostics File Chapters selected. Click the Generate Diagnostics File button to set the options to be included in the diagnostic file. If selected, the Strip IPs from Chapters option removes IP addresses from the log files before generating the diagnostics file.

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