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Launch the Web Interface

To launch the configuration interface, open a supported web browser on a system that has access to the system’s network address space and type the URL for your SecurityCenter: https://<SERVER ADDRESS OR NAME>/.

Where <SERVER ADDRESS OR NAME> is the IPv4 or IPv6 address or hostname for your SecurityCenter.

Note: You must access the SecurityCenter web interface using a secure web connection (https). You must enable TLS 1.0 in your browser in order to complete the secure connection to SecurityCenter. SecurityCenter 5.6.x does not listen on port 80.

Use the top navigation bar to navigate within the SecurityCenter user interface. Tenable does not recommend using your browser’s back and forward buttons.

Note: Tenable™ recommends clearing your browser cache before loading the web interface.

Inital Login

When you log in to SecurityCenter for the first time, SecurityCenter displays the Quick Setup Guide welcome page to begin a multi-step setup process for initial configuration. For more information about quick setup, see Quick Setup.

If you prefer to configure the system manually, click Exit Quick Setup Guide to be taken to the Configuration page of SecurityCenter. For more information about getting started with SecurityCenter, see Get Started With SecurityCenter.

Subsequent Login

Launch the web interface and log in using the credentials provided by the user who created your account.

After initial login, SecurityCenter displays the dashboard with different elements depending on your user role.

When you log in as an administrator user, SecurityCenter displays scanner, repository, LCE, and plugin data through predefined components. There are two options from the switch dashboard drop-down box: Overview and LCE Overview. The Overview page contains a Scanner Status table, a Repository Statistics table, and a table containing the latest plugin feed updates. The System Status section of the dashboard is interactive. The Job Daemon’s status is displayed and may be started or stopped by clicking the appropriate link. The LCE Overview page lists the LCE servers and the status of clients attached to the LCE server (up to 1,000 clients displayed).

When you log in as an organizational user, the dashboard displays various components displaying information as configured by the user. Available from the Dashboard tab, selecting Dashboard returns you to the default dashboard and selecting Assurance Report Card (ARC) displays the ARC page.

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